Under Development: Next-generation Indoor Navigation

Navigating the indoors has never been more accurate, intuitive, and comfortable

The NavVis Indoor Navigation technology will use machine learning and computer vision algorithms to locate users more accurately than any existing solution. There will be no need for additional infrastructure (WiFi, Bluetooth) or maintenance. Are you a building owner and interested in using the most advanced Indoor Navigation solution on the market? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss details.

Preview of the app interface:

Detailed maps & panoramas

Machine learning + computer vision

Powerful graph-based sensor fusion

Step detection

WiFi and Bluetooth LE

Virtual reality mode

Now in public beta: Campus Maps at TU Munich

The first public release of Campus Maps is now beta testing for Android 5.0+. Campus Maps is the first app that incorporates our groundbreaking indoor positioning and navigation technology. Experience our technology first-hand by taking part in the public beta test currently ongoing at TU Munich Main Campus

Check out the Campus Maps website for more information around the beta test and for some first insights into the app:

Campus Maps @ TU Munich


NavVis Indoor Positioning technology combines a large number of cues to determine your location inside a building, but the simplest way is to use your phone’s camera.

Building on years of research at Technische Universität München, NavVis developed a unique approach to indoor positioning that combines advanced techniques from computer vision, machine learning, and probabilistic sensor fusion.

Around its Indoor Positioning technology, NavVis is currently developing mobile apps and SDKs for Android and iOS. The NavVis mobile app will use a few pictures taken with your smartphone camera to find your current location inside a building that has been scanned with the NavVis M3 mapping system.


There is no need for expensive infrastructure setup and maintenance. After an initial mapping, a building can be navigated using the NavVis positioning and navigation technology.



All-in-one, simple setup indoor mapping solution NavVis M3, maps 30,000-50,000 sqm per day, you remain in control of all your building data.



Semi-automated workflow, web-based administration and editing capabilities plus complete front-end content management system for POIs.



Use our native app (ready for Android, iOS under development) for navigation. Coming soon: integrate NavVis in your custom app via SDK, deploy via app store or in-house.


Unbeaten usability and robustness make the NavVis Indoor Navigation App the perfect companion for exploring buildings. The app leverages all sensors of modern smartphones while keeping data and battery usage at a minimum.

Install App

Install App

NavVis Indoor Navigation comes as mobile app for Android (and soon iOS). Simply download and install it from Play Store (or App Store).

Get position

Get position

Hold your phone upright to show it what’s around you. The app will then determine your localization automatically by using the camera’s view.



Navigation has never been more intuitive. NavVis Indoor Navigation shows you the way to your destination in virtual reality mode right on your phone’s screen. You just have to follow the route.

Demonstration of pilot project

This video demonstrates a pilot project in an office environment. The app user locates himself once inside the building and is then able to explore his surroundings and navigate to various points of interest.