IndoorViewer: Provide 3D models of buildings in any browser

Explore, share, and enrich captured 3D models on any device. No plugin required.

IndoorViewer is our web application that visualizes building models and maps in any browser. Once building data has been captured with the M3 Trolley IndoorViewer allows you to walk through your mapped indoor spaces and view high-resolution panoramic images as well as centimeter-accurate 3D point clouds of even the largest environments.

Images and 3D measurements integrated into one digital building model

IndoorViewer not only provides high-resolution panoramas but also integrates and visualizes exact 3D measurements of buildings. The screenshots below illustrate both modes of IndoorViewer side by side. Move the slider to switch between Explore mode and Point cloud mode.

IndoorViewer comes packed with built-in features

Provide digital building experiences for specific user groups. If needed, IndoorViewer can be run solely in your internal network for more confidential and restricted use.

The built-in features help you create the perfect experience for your needs. Provide virtual tours for first-time visitors, capture and display your offline space and present it to a world-wide audience online, help organize your office move, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

Show high-res images

High-resolution panoramas taken at every step let you explore an exact visual copy of your building.

Create Points of Interest

Simply add content anywhere in the building with a right click. Points of Interest can contain text, images, videos, iframes, and much more.

Render 5mm point clouds

Advanced Rendering allows you to stream colored 5mm point clouds right to your browser.

Geo-locate and align datasets

IndoorViewer comes with built-in tools to register your building in a global coordinate system. Alignment of sub-datasets lets you split your building into workable parts.

Share deep links to exact positions

Deep links contain exact location information. Share locations on the web or directly on any social media channel.

Integrate user management

Set up user rights management for different ons such as viewing and editing certain content. Connect your enterprise user management and provide single sign-on.

Build unique features and entire indoor solutions on top

IndoorViewer is based on modern, open web technologies such as WebGL and AngularJS, and ships with a RESTful API. So whether you just want to apply your corporate design or actually build new functionalities and features into IndoorViewer, you are more than welcome to.

Below are some examples of digital products built on top of IndoorViewer. Digital airports, trade shows, and museums now exist based on NavVis technology. What solution do you want to build?

Digital Airport Munich

Digital Airport Munich

  • Access the digital maps of Munich Airport, one of Europe's largest and busiest airports.
  • Explore and find your way to over 1,000 points of interest such as check-in counters, departure gate, shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Click here to open
Deutsches Museum <br><span style=by Baro & Pfannenstein">

Deutsches Museum
by Baro & Pfannenstein

  • Browse exhibitions of the world's largest museum of science and technology
  • Do virtual tours with audio guide of those exhibitions that remain closed during Deutsches Museum renovation.
  • Click here to open
TU Munich Audimax

TU Munich Audimax

  • This instance features advanced pointcloud rendering, allowing for 5mm colored pointclouds to be streamed right in your browser
  • High-density pointclouds generated by NavVis can be used for applications around construction management, CAD, BIM, etc.
  • Click here to open

Find more public instances of IndoorViewer on our Demo Data page.

Access our online demo for instant testing

Try out all features on this demo installation. It features the regular IndoorViewer including advanced point cloud rendering. Click on the point cloud menu icon and activate the point cloud, then select Advanced Renderer.